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Hi, I am Iza Trapani and I have wanted to be a childrens book author and illustrator ever since I was a child.

I consider myself very honored and lucky that my dream came true. This is what I looked like when I was little:
When I wasn’t pretending to drive, I spent most of my childhood drawing and reading books. 

I was born in Poland, and spoke only Polish when I came to the United States at the age of seven. My relatives gave me a big book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes and I began to learn English as I read the poems. 

Little did I know that someday I would be writing my own verses and making books for children.  Here is what I look like now:
As you can see, I still like to read.  
I live on a farm with my
husband, Rob.

He is also an artist - a sculptor and furniture maker. He built this beautiful writing desk for me: 


He also made my drawing table. This is where I do the illustrations for my books: studio


Rob often helps me with my drawings. He’s great with perspective and I appreciate his suggestions. 

Sometimes four eyes are better than two! Click here for My husband’s websiteIf you would like to see more of Rob’s furniture.

My stepson, Gabe, is studying to become a doctor of physics. He’s a great guy and we are very proud of him.
This is Gabe:
This is our house house
And these are our pets- Grommit on the left and Jambo on the right
And this is Sneak sneak
Our friends keep two horses on our farm. horses

I love to see them outside of my studio window. Because we are busy working and traveling we do not have any other farm animals, but someday I would like to.

We do make hay on our fields when the sun shines in early summer
  Then, the following Spring when our barn is cleared of hay we have a big barn dance and invite all of our friends. It’s especially fun for me because I get to sing with the bluegrass band.
What else can I tell you? I love animals-especially dogs, and especially big dogs. My favorite color is periwinkle blue.  I love singing, cooking, gardening, hiking, biking, skiing and sailing.  Most of all I love writing and painting books for children!  Click here: —if you would like to write to me.  I would be very happy to hear from you!
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