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A Valentine Trilogy

I was hoping the muse would help me add another poem to this collection, but no such luck. Too much going on this year! I am reposting the past three years’ poems all on one page. Enjoy!

Valentine porcupine

Will You Be My Valentine?

“Will you be my valentine?”
Said the smitten porcupine?

“What? You say I’m prickly?
Don’t point that out, my dear.

None of us is without flaw,
Not even you, I fear.

Will you be my Valentine?”
Said the smitten porcupine.

“What? I am not huggable?
But that’s a mere objection.
There are countless other ways
Of showing our affection.

Will you be my Valentine?”
Said the smitten porcupine.

“What? You say I’ve won your heart?
You’ll love me evermore?
Beyond my quills you see I am
A softie at my core?

You will be my Valentine?”
Said the smitten porcupine.

“What? You’ll even marry me?
I’ll be your joyful groom?
Darling skunk, I’ve one request-
Back off on your perfume.”

©Iza Trapani 2017

Valentine Skunk

What Skunk Had to Say

Oh Porcupine, my Porcupine
My dearest darling Valentine,

 You say that I’m a smelly one
And so I have been told,
But you, my prickly one, I wed
To have but not to hold.

Alas, you are not huggable,
But still you are my mensch.
For better or for worse, my dear,
In fresh air and in stench.

 Oh Porcupine, my Porcupine
My dearest darling Valentine,

 Be kind and do not hold your nose
And run out of the room
If I should overwhelm you 
With my signature perfume.

You made a serious wedding vow
To love me all your life,
But please, my dear, accept you have
A stinker for a wife.

©Iza Trapani 2017



skunkupine and parents


A Love Sonnet from Porcupine to Skunk      

Shall I compare thee to a stinky cheese?

Not even Limburger can match thy funk.

And dirty socks, B.O. and things like these

Are rosy scents compared to thee, my Skunk.

Sometimes I gag when thou art by my side.

Oh putrid one, thou take’th my breath away.

And though I wheeze and hath desire to hide,

Despite thy noxious fumes I dare to stay.

They said our marriage was not like to last.

Perchance, it seemed the prospects would be bleak,

For I am tough to handle, oh alas!

And thou, forsooth, my dearest one, doth reek.

Against all odds we thrived, oh love of mine,

And bore a stinky, spiky skunkupine.

©Iza Trapani 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you stinky. spiky ones! ❤️

About the author

Iza Trapani I am a children's book author and illustrator, fan of Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss, lover of big dogs, aspiring yodeler. When not in my studio, I spend time outdoors and have climbed over many a mountain to see what I could see.

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6 Responses to A Valentine Trilogy

  1. jama says:

    Love these poems. Happy Valentine’s Day, Iza!

  2. Thanks for the trilogy, Iza! Loved reading these again 🙂

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