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Grins, Giggles and Giveaway!

Today I am lucky to be the featured guest at Renee LaTulippe’s Poetry Monday at No Water River. Please go over to watch a video of me reciting a giggling poem, read a short and funny (thanks to Renee’s questions) interview and have a chance to win one of my picture books! Thank you, Renee!

About the author

Iza Trapani I am a children's book author and illustrator, fan of Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss, lover of big dogs, aspiring yodeler. When not in my studio, I spend time outdoors and have climbed over many a mountain to see what I could see.

12 Responses to Grins, Giggles and Giveaway!

  1. Iza, I had so much fun with this post! You are a generous and willing guest, going above and beyond the call of duty. Nobody traipses around in the wilderness and deals with flocks of geese with as much enthusiasm as you. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. You were right, I had to wipe that smile off my face! Thanks for making my evening.

  3. Stasha says:

    Love watching and listening to you! What a treat. And I like the location Renee wrote up for you: ‘where Iza hangs off the trees” You girls are so much fun!!

  4. Iza Trapani says:

    Renee is so clever and funny (and a wonderful poet/writer). Her interview questions and comments cracked me up! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Stasha! Thanks. xo

  5. LOVED your video post and interview, Iza! Such fun, and so well done 🙂

  6. Galit Breen says:

    Oh my, absolutely love this! (And can’t wait to share your voice with my kids!

  7. Iza Trapani says:

    I’m so glad, Galit. Thanks!

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